Friday, September 5, 2014

Let's Kill Them All Before They Can Kill Us!

The evil Muslims are at our door, if we don't kill them all first they'll kill us, our women and children, and they'll takeover the U.S. and we'll be living under Sharia law. So we need to start up the Crusades again, we killed a couple million already, but we need to kill more.

Although this is the prevalent attitude amongst “Christians”, I couldn't disagree more, this is NOT the way of Jesus, or His followers.

Did the early followers of Jesus Christ seek revenge for the murder of their Savior? Did they take up arms against the Romans? No, they did not.

What makes it OK to do so now, against an enemy that is largely fictional?

The problem is over the years the followers of Christ have slowly conformed to the world, they became more and more like those they were supposed to have come out of. Now Jesus' words telling us to turn the other cheek, to do good to our enemies have been lost amongst the feel good do what your flesh wants to do “Church” that acts as the body of Christ.

From the earliest believers who refused to serve the emperor, or the empire, to today's “Christians” who stand and applaud their “heroes” as they go to “Church” in their battle fatigues, fresh from the battle fields, killing the innocent men, women and children, who just happened to be in the wrong place.

Innocent? Yes innocent. I could go back a lot farther and prove that the wars prior to Vietnam were contrived also, but we'll keep it simple to get our point across as strongly as possible. Vietnam, and every war or police action the United States has been involved in since were all based on lies.

So the American government has lied itself into numerous war crimes, killing millions of people, and we as “Christians” are to be praised when we take part in that? The Lord Jesus would want us to take part in it? What Bible are you reading from?

You have been deceived by your government, your teachers, your pastors and by your news media. If you admit it to yourself you have a chance of breaking free from the wickedness that has befallen the “Church”. The “Church” that has aligned itself to the government whose lies have been so deadly to millions of innocent men women and children around the world. The “church” that praises the returning men and women as if they were heroes, doing God's will, when in actuality they were most likely complicit in war crimes.

When the “church” conforms to the world and allows itself and its members to be used by the world; to take part in its crimes, to make itself complicit in the crimes, instead of taking a strong stand against it, as it used to do. Then the “Church” becomes part of the world, part of Babylon. That entity which is described as the enemy of God in the end days, which we are told in no uncertain terms to come out of, or be destroyed along with it at the Lord's return.

Rev 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.