Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Judaizing of the Gospel, Strong Delusion and WWIII

They call it Dispensationalism. Most people don't know that it has only really been taught in the last century or two. Curiously coming to light at about the same time as the Zionist movement sought to gain a “homeland” for the “Jews”. Most don't realize what an insult it is to the finished work of the Cross by Jesus Christ. Most people don't question their pastors or teachers, don't bother to read the Bible for themselves. You simply can't take the New Testament, or Covenant as Biblical truth, and then also believe in Dispensationalism. They are completely incompatible.

Dispensationalism says that the “Jews” will all be saved when Christ returns, but Christ said they would all die in their sins (Joh 8:21, 24) if they didn't believe He is their/our Messiah, the Son of God. Dispensationalism also supports the “Muslims” are the enemy, and even though the modern day state that calls itself Israel is in open rebellion to the Lord, that they are still God's chosen people. Secularly speaking, there are numerous studies proving that those who call themselves Jews are not physical descendants of Abraham, and the Bible couldn't be more clear that they are not Jews in the Biblical sense either, the combination of false doctrines and false news reporting have lead most people astray. The result is that this counterfeit Israel has managed to get us to the brink of World War III! Satanic forces in collusion with, or using the delusions of the fake Jews as a shield for their own world domination plans have put us right on the brink of disaster. Today's “Christian”, instead of praying for these Satanic forces to be torn down, applauds it, believing God to be the author of these damnable heresies and genocidal actions.

America and counterfeit Israel are beyond question the The leading purveyors of violence in the world as a very wise man said nearly 50 years ago, referring to his own country. A steady string of wars based on lies proves him correct over and over again. Since the Truman regime and the recognition of Israel, America has nearly always supplied, favored and shielded the criminal actions of Satan's counterfeit Israel. Despite numerous actions that prove they aren't a trustworthy ally, including the attack on the USS Liberty the foreign policy of the United States and the media coverage nearly completely coincide with counterfeit Israel's.

The combination of the Judaizing of the Bible and the disinformation of the mainstream media about Satan’s counterfeit Israel have accomplished the task of getting most Americans to support their own destruction. If the Lord doesn’t intervene horrible times and consequences are rapidly approaching. The enemy is certainly going to take full of advantage of the nearly universal lies he has successfully imposed on the world, including the supposed “Body of Christ, the “Church”.

Daniel Mark