Saturday, October 13, 2012

Complete Failure

Everywhere I look I see it. In the church, in the government, in the cities and towns, in the family, in myself … failure.
Some of us will acknowledge that we live in a corrupt society, governed by mass murderers, sociopaths, thieves and liars, but, what of it? They don't do anything about it, they still send their children to the beast education system, go to the same church, vote for whom they imagine is the lesser of two evils every four years, and generally carry on as if nothing is wrong, some how, magically, everything will turn out alright.

In my lifetime I have watched the “church” and government completely fail, to degenerate into pyramid schemes and totalitarian control of the supposed “free” citizens. I've seen the medical field turn from healing into a mass laboratory where drugs are created and sold, not to heal, but to create profit. Doctors are paid not by curing disease, but by the number of prescriptions they write. Legalized drug dealers, and outside of the medical community, harsh sentences are imposed upon the “illegal” drug dealers for selling much less harmful drugs, filling the prison system to maximum capacity. But that's OK, because the prison system is also a money-making scam for the rich.

About 9 years ago it all came together for me, as supposed men of God, whom I had previously respected, were pushing for war against Iraq, just as the paid shills for the military-industrial complex do. Clearly, we were not reading the same Bible. Beyond a doubt Iraq had no ability to attack America, or desire to, but these “men of God” were preaching sermons declaring that if we spoke against it, we were in fact speaking against God Himself! The result: America has inflicted mass death upon Iraq, upon innocent men, women and children, over two million of them! 1 of every 2 children in Iraq is an orphan thanks to the misguided, murderous policy of the American government, and the backing and urging of many of America's most prominent religious leaders.

Has any government official apologized for or accepted blame or been prosecuted for this? Has any religious leader acknowledged their error? Repented for it? No, these same “leaders” with the blood of 2,000,000 innocents on their head already cry out for more! Now it's Iran! Iran is the evil which must be destroyed.

In the past I have tried to seek truth through the only forum that's not perceptibly controlled by the moneyed elite, the Internet. I've since realized that while it doesn't appear to be controlled, it is in another way, by the massive spreading of disinformation, the truth is nearly completely obfuscated. Paid Shills If you have a particular favorite whom you follow on the Internet, and they seem to be telling the truth, and have a substantial following, realize that if they were actually telling you more than a partial truth, meant to further confuse you, they would have been silenced already. Hard to accept? Not really, realize that since JFK's assassination no president has dared to tell us the truth, or to put a stop to the criminal and/or murderous government activities. Do you really think the controlling force of the moneyed elite would allow someone to gain a large following and tell the truth to thousands or even millions? No, it's not going to happen.

So what do we do? Do we take to the streets and protest? No, you'll only get your heads bashed in, and be imprisoned also. Do we form our own militias and fight wars to overthrow the corrupt, criminal government. 2Co 10:3-4 No, that's not the way of Christianity, and you won't win; rifles, pistols and shotguns are no match for the government's array of weapons. America is not and never was the kingdom of God, it's always been a kingdom of the devil, at times it's been more just, less criminal, less murderous, but it's a physical kingdom, not the spiritual kingdom of God that we are to seek after. Mat 6:33

The answer is to come out of this evil kingdom spiritually, by refusing to conform to to it. Rom 12:2 Don't pretend everything is alright, it's not, and it won't be until Christ comes and reigns. Rev 11:15 You, your guns, your favorite political candidate will not change anything, just become corrupted by trying to reform the devil's kingdoms. Realize that America is evil, completely corrupt and not worth saving, the so-called “church” is completely conformed to it. As the Lord says “come out of her”, or else you'll find yourself partaking in her crimes and receiving her punishment. Rev 18:4 America and the “church” are part of end times Babylon, and they will be destroyed. Only a small remnant will be saved. Rev 7:3

The Lord uses the analogy of the world being drunk by its spiritual fornication with the fallen church, Rev 17:2, Rev 17:4, Rev 18:3, Rev 18:9, 2Th 2:3 in order to see this, you have to come out of it and refuse to partake in it. Just as the newly sober person must refuse to hang around with those still abusing drugs and alcohol, so must the newly free Christian stop taking part in the madness that passes for “church” these days. The time to escape the destruction that is coming upon the “church” and its partners in fornication is short, always much shorter than one caught up in it thinks. Again, “come out of her now”! This COULD be your last warning. Rev 18:4

Come out of her and do what? Come out and wait upon the Lord to direct you. Of course we don't need to be told we must share the truth of being called out: Don't let a chance go by to share the truth of being called out of the fallen church and criminal country we live in, speak the truth no matter what. You are going to lose many friends, even family members, who can't accept the truth, this will hurt, but eternal separation from the Lord will hurt much longer than the temporary pain from loss of friends and family. Remember this too: Pro 18:24 ... and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

I'm also seeing failure within the group that consider themselves to be the remnant, because they don't go to “church”, they have their own ministries, websites, podcasts, followers, etc. Be careful here brethren, don't leave the bondage of the “church” to become in bondage to men outside the “church”. Gal 3:1, Gal 4:24-5 Warning signs: “we have this certain knowledge, or revelation, that no one else has”, “we are the only true remnant, if you do not believe as we do you are not one of us”, “if you ask us to explain this “revelation” from God, or question it, then you are not one of us and are actually from the devil!” “We have the truth, you either accept it without question, or you cannot be in our fellowship, ministry, Internet group, etc”. Heb 5:11- 14, 1Co 3:1-3, Php 3:1-2

There are lots of problems with this, first, you have a recipe that is primed to make a new cult, that is no longer able to rightly divide the Word, and requires the approval of men rather than the Lord. When the truth is revealed, the pride of the group that has already promoted a false doctrine, may very well stop the group from accepting the newly revealed truth. Furthermore, to assume that you have the whole truth from God, and cannot be wrong is to set yourself up as a little pope right? Don't the Catholics say the Pope is God's infallible representative here on earth? Dangerous, flee from it, recognize it in yourself and repent from it. You and I have both been wrong before concerning God's Word, we may be again, don't be so proud, arrogant and haughty to say you can't be wrong. I remember a discussion I was having with a group like the above-mentioned kind, as I pointed out the obvious errors in their false doctrines I was told my argument was with God, not them! Amazing! The height of supposed infallibility! Of course, my argument is not with God, but with their interpretation of God's Word! 2Ti 2:15, Gal 1:10, Pro 16:18

2Pe 1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

2Pe 1:21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

When God truly does reveal his Word for the end times, through the Holy Ghost, there won't be a single group who receive it, but many, as the Spirit leads, as those who are open to the Spirit are lead. And most importantly, it won't lead to more questions, but it will lead to the truth, the correct path for His remnant to go in these perilous times, not to further error in interpreting the Word of God, sealed up until the time He reveals it. Rev 10:4

I caution those of you who consider yourselves the remnant, or the 144,000, or whatever term you want to use, to teach that which is of immediate concern, i.e. the warning for the “church” to come out of the evil institutions before they are destroyed along with those who won't hear and obey, Rev 18:4 rather than that which is of dubious import and leads to strife and separation of the saints. Rom 16:17-18 To do so in these obvious perilous days indicates a lack of understanding of the times we live in, Mat 16:3 and a predisposition for perceived intellectual superiority, and should show those who follow you to be wary of what supposed “revelation” comes next from your “ministry”. 2Pe 3:15-17

Again, these are indeed the last days and there are important things to be taught, and which take precedence over others, for example:

You are saved by grace and faith, not by works. Eph 2:8-9 You can lose your salvation. Rev 3:5, Exo 32:32, Psa 69:28

Jesus Christ is the true seed of Abraham,.Gal 3:16

The true Israel of God, is made up of believers in Christ, regardless of their ancestry. Rom 11:20, Rom 11:23

The Israel of God is spiritual in nature, not physical, it's not a land mass in the middle east that Christians should be fighting for, or over. Rom 11:16 - 24, Gal 4:25-26, Heb 11:10, Heb 12:22, Zec 12:3

You, as a believer in Christ, are the true Jews, true Israelite's, the true Israel of God, not those who deny Christ is the Messiah. Joh 4:22, Rom 2:28-29, 1Jn 2:22-23, Gal 6:15 – 16, Rom 9:6 - 8

If you deny that Christ is the only begotten Son of God, then you have no part, or inheritance from God. 1Jn 2:23, Gal 3:16, Gal 3:29, Rom 9:8

Those who call themselves God's chosen people, or Jews, are not, and call their country Israel are usurpers, phonies, and will be used by Satan as his counterfeit Israel and to usher in his counterfeit trinity. Rev 2:9, 3:9, Rev 13:11 – 15

Christians who support Satan's counterfeit Israel, are under strong delusion, have given up their inheritance as the seed of Abraham through Christ, their birthright as born again believers just as Esau forfeited his birthright to Jacob, and as we know, God hated Esau. These supporters of the Synagogues of Satan are in great peril of having their names blotted out of the book of life, and if they do not quickly develop a love of the truth will suffer from the beast system, currently using them to achieve their desired goals in the middle east, turning on them, and then after they realize that there will be no rapture they will turn completely to Satan's unholy trinity, be deceived by them and be forever damned. 2Th 2:11, Heb 12:16 - 17, Rom 9:13, 2Th 2:10, Rev 13:8 - 18, Rev 17:16

We as Christians should NOT fight in carnal, fleshly wars, we fight spiritual battles against demonic strongholds and dominions with prayer not bombs and tanks, etc. 2Co 10:4

The “church”, as prophesied, and not disputed by any serious believer, has fallen away from God and become a part of Babylon, or the whore that rides the beast. To be a part of the last days remnant you must leave or come out of the “church”. 2Th 2:3, Rev 17:3, 17:7, Rev 14:4, 18:4

The Israel of God, or new Jerusalem we are to look for is not of this earth, and is currently being built for us, and will be brought down to us in God's time. Heb 12:22, Joh 14:2 - 3, Rev 21:2

Christ is going to return and set up His Kingdom and take dominion over the earth for “ever and ever”. Rev 11:15

There is a Great Tribulation coming and many people believing that they are saved will be destroyed in it, there will not be a Rapture either, but there will be a sealing of His Remnant, so they will not be hurt during the Tribulation. Rev 16:12 – 21, Rev 7:3

Many who call themselves Christians, but who didn't love the truth or seek His Kingdom will be left out of it, filled with strong delusion they taught another gospel, and did the will of man and not God, and as such He doesn't know them, neither are they saved. 2Th 2:10, Mat 6:33, 2Th 2:11, Mat 7:21 - 23

Finally, my failure must be brought into the light also: I'm through preaching to the choir, or arguing about the scriptures, this accomplishes nothing good, and I'm tired of wasting time. Clearly, it is not God's will that any should perish, but they will, it's way past time for His watchmen to do all they can to spread the truth before it is completely taken from the earth. Hos 4:6


Daniel Mark